She's a witch!

Or, she really likes jam.

Shelley Winters
13 December 1983
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"They liked my look. 'Fun-loving spinster.'"

"I wouldn't expect you to understand, feeble vertebrate. An earwig's ways are cryptical."

"Zefraim, I wish to speak to you about Terra-3901 resident Shelley-Winters-786546. This unit should have expired 450 Terra-cycles ago!"
"...She has a pleasing existence. Please do not issue a memo."

Shelley is redheaded, slight, wears glasses, and is generally considered a troublemaker and near-professional nutcase. She runs into trouble like most people play table-tennis - only it's whenever fate gets bored, not her. Hell isn't fond of her. Heaven doesn't mind her. The little green goblins that actually run things seem to regard her life and those of other Tackleford residents as a kind of interactive daytime TV.


Due to crossovering and canon similarities, Shelley's may occasionally be referred to as Ta'veren. She isn't. But at certain times (usually when her life is in danger) the pattern of existence is manipulated around her, sending the laws of chance completely haywire in order to account for the nature of her homeworld. It's close enough for government work.

Shelley has a very small, faint scar on her side, just under her ribs. This cannot be entirely removed by any form of healing.

Her eyesight is not technically bad enough to need glasses any more, but she stubbornly clings to them, nonetheless.

She has a small mark, like a black tattoo around the third finger of her left hand, in the shape of a snake. If your character can sense Dark Power? Yes. Faint, dormant, but there. Relevant plot be here.

Shelley, and the quotations in her userinfo are from the excellent webcomic Scary Go Round, by John Allison. She is not mine, and I am making no profit out of this roleplaying journal.